"Highly recommend her as a skilled and competent biophoton therapist."

I have personally trained Margaret over the course of the last two years, so that she can fully download my 30 years of practical and theoretical experience.  Therefore I can highly recommend her as a skilled and competent biophoton therapist fully versed in the complexities of working with the Photonwave.”  Leona Vermeire, founder and owner of PhotonWave, Biophoton-Light therapy


“It is an understatement to say that my husband and I are blown away.”


“My 3.5 year old son was exhibiting some language delays and rigid behavior. Our son has only had two treatments with the biophoton machine and the results are astounding. My husband and I find ourselves in awe each day as he is making huge developmental leaps.  We are excited to continue treating our son with the Photonwave as we know he will only continue to improve. I’d like to add that we took our son in for an evaluation yesterday. Within moments of meeting our son, the doctor said 'your son isn’t autistic’!  He sees and treats children on the spectrum everyday and regularly speaks at TACA conventions. He was abundantly confident in his statement and backed up with his reasoning.   I know in my heart that if we’d brought Oliver in a few weeks ago, before the treatments, he would’ve gotten a diagnosis.”   Natacha B. 


"I am more vital and balanced."

"After working with Margaret for some time I noticed that old chronic issues have simply dissolved.  I have a lot more energy and feel more enthusiastic about my life.  I had a chronic cough for years, and now it is completely gone.   Working with Margaret has been such a blessing.  I feel more present and emobodied in my life and feel so much more healthy."  Brian G.

“My pain levels have gone down dramatically and I am seeing my body heal and return to it’s intended state.”


"Working with Margaret has been a prayer come true.  After a car accident two years ago left me in chronic pain I have tried almost every modality imaginable to heal my body and mind.  Photon light therapy has been the most effective treatment that I have found so far and I am so grateful for Margaret's empathy, knowledge and medical wisdom that is helping me to heal my mind/ body and also helping me to let go of past trauma.  I feel much more grounded, emotionally stable, focused and hopeful from working with her for just a few months.”  Shanna F.


“Wonderful reduction in chronic stress/anxiety”


"Margaret has incredible kindness and a powerful passion for unearthing effective healing protocols.  Over five sessions with her . . . I had a reduction in chronic diarrhea that had a been going on for five years.  Thank you Margaret !”  Karen F.

“I am stronger and be able to eat again, but without treatments I would have stayed bedridden and in pain.”

"I walked in to Margaret's office having a complex brain injury, big stomach issues such as gastritis, ulcer, candida, chronic weakness and many more issues. I was in a lot of pain in many places and needed assistance to walk so I won't fall and needed to be driven by someone to get to my doctor's appointments. With Margaret's help - hard work, care, patience and kindness, my stomach is better I am able to eat again, I am stronger and I drive myself to my appointments.  Thank you Margaret and I hope this method will bring relief to others too."   Tatavek G.