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"Highly recommend her as a skilled and competent biophoton therapist"

I have personally trained Margaret over the course of the last three years, so that she can fully download my 30 years of practical and theoretical experience.  Therefore I can highly recommend her as a skilled and competent biophoton therapist fully versed in the complexities of working with the Photonwave.”  Leona Vermeire, founder and owner of PhotonWave, Biophoton-Light therapy

"She is gold! She makes you believe in miracles again and  you will start feeling them in your body"

"Margaret is a creative healer. She goes beyond to find the most effective ways for her clients to get better, which makes her find innovative and deeper ways to help all of us. This is a plus when you have been going from doctor to doctor, getting sicker and sicker and not finding answers. I found some answers in a functional medicine doctor that a few months back, told me she couldn't help me anymore. At that very moment I found this beautiful soul called Margaret, caring, generous and ready to help you to find the answers and if she doesn't, she will invent them until you feel better!!  Do I think she is worth it? In a world where most people cares about money and people who are chronic are in real trouble (at least that has been my experience), she is a a breath of fresh air."  Azucena Fernandez, History of Chronic Lyme Disease

"Have seen a marked improvement in my daughter's anxiety and sensory stress"

"Since we started working with Margaret, the difference in my daughter’s appearance from when we arrive to when we leave is astonishing. She looks like a completely different person! She is so much calmer and less stressed, her color is better. She just looks healthier. And she feels it, too. She doesn’t have the language to be able to fully express how Margaret’s methods make her feel but she LOVES going to Luminous Health and really looks forward to her sessions. We have only just started with Margaret and I can’t wait to see where my daughter will be 6 months from now. Margaret has become an invaluable member of my daughter’s health team. We are so grateful to have found her."  Jill Carte-Harte, Mother of Adult Child with Autism


"As a practitioner myself, I highly recommend her as a gifted and tenacious practitioner"

Margaret is an amazing practitioner.  I live over 1000 miles from her and was having an event that was incredibly painful.  It was evening and she had just returned home from a long day in her office.  She immediately went to work on me via a distance treatment and kept checking in to see how I was doing.  It was only minutes before I began to feel a shift in the pain level and it kept improving.  The pain resolved by the next morning and I even slept some that night!  She is truly from the heart and stays focused on what needs to be implemented to achieve amazing results.   As a practitioner myself I highly recommend her as a gifted and tenacious practitioner."  Jade Easton, Accupuncturist of 40 years, Distance Therapy Session

"After weeks of distance therapy, my body is completely healthy now from COVID"

"Just wanted to thank you for the amazing consultation and distance therapy I received with you! Bioresonance distance therapy really helped me to overcome my health issues with COVID.  Since we started first distance therapy I felt much better. Within minutes of completing my distance therapy session with Luminous Health, I felt refreshed and had energy that I’d not had for several weeks. I was also very impressed with the report and detailing of the changes in my body. And yes, it was accurate. I would highly recommend Luminous Health and distance therapy for anyone who is facing not optimal body condition or illness,  and no matter where you live on the planet, distance therapy works. Thank you for restoring my health!"  Eli Madzirov, Nurse and Bioresonance Therapist, Macedonia, Distance Therapy for COVID

"I am more vital and balanced"

"After working with Margaret for some time I noticed that old chronic issues have simply dissolved.  I have a lot more energy and feel more enthusiastic about my life.  I had a chronic cough for years, and now it is completely gone.   Working with Margaret has been such a blessing.  I feel more present and emobodied in my life and feel so much more healthy."  Brian G.

“My pain levels have gone down dramatically and I am seeing my body heal and return to it’s intended state”


"Working with Margaret has been a prayer come true.  After a car accident two years ago left me in chronic pain I have tried almost every modality imaginable to heal my body and mind.  Photon light therapy has been the most effective treatment that I have found so far and I am so grateful for Margaret's empathy, knowledge and medical wisdom that is helping me to heal my mind/ body and also helping me to let go of past trauma.  I feel much more grounded, emotionally stable, focused and hopeful from working with her for just a few months.”  Shanna F.

“Wonderful reduction in chronic stress/anxiety”


"Margaret has incredible kindness and a powerful passion for unearthing effective healing protocols.  Over five sessions with her . . . I had a reduction in chronic diarrhea that had a been going on for five years.  Thank you Margaret !”  Karen F.

“I am stronger and be able to eat again, but without treatments I would have stayed bedridden and in pain”

"I walked in to Margaret's office having a complex brain injury, huge stomach issues such as gastritis, ulcer, candida, chronic weakness and many more issues. I was in a lot of pain in many places and needed assistance to walk so I won't fall and needed to be driven by someone to get to my doctor's appointments. With Margaret's help - hard work, care, patience and kindness, my stomach is better I am able to eat again, I am stronger and I drive myself to my appointments.  Thank you Margaret and I hope this method will bring relief to others too."   Tatavek G.

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