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Healing Journeys

Welcome to the new series of video interviews featuring clients who have found hope and healing working with LUMINOUS HEALTH. It is our sincerest wish that their stories ignite your healing journey with hope and joy.


In the first video, we hear from Azucena, who came to our practice with a series of challenging diagnoses, including Lyme disease and heavy metal toxicity. She had been struggling with these conditions for many years and had tried many different treatments, but nothing seemed to help. She was about to give up hope when she found our practice.


Spencer was left on the road when she was just 4 days old. She spent her infancy in an orphanage, where she was diagnosed with multiple health challenges. Her adopted mom searched for healing support for 22 years, until she found Luminous Health.

Spencer's mom says that Luminous Health has been the only therapy that has helped her daughter. 

In this video interview, Spencer shares her story of 

hope and healing. She talks about the challenges she has faced, the therapies that have helped her, and the importance of finding a holistic approach to healing.

This video is an inspiration to anyone who is struggling with health challenges. It shows that it is possible to find healing, even after years of searching.

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