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“Everything begins and ends with love.”


After spending ten years and a myriad of therapies to try to help my 13-year-old son heal from his complex auto-immune issues, I found incredible and deep healing for him using biophoton and bioresonance therapies.  These modalities have also helped heal our whole family from a variety of debilitating chronic and serious illnesses.

This was life changing.  I knew that I had to share this with others.

I was personally trained by Leona Vermiere, the owner of European company Photonwave for two years.  I am the only practitioner in the world that has completed this course of study with the visionary founder of this company and also certified as an advanced certified biophoton therapist.  I have also completed studies in light and color therapy from the Holistic Arts Institute.  


Drawing from 25 years of continuous study has also helped fertilize my practice with a variety of healing modalities such as biomagnetism, aromatherapy, biosonics, biofield tuning, psychodrama, family constellation work, Resonance Repatterning, Buteyko Breaking, Body Code, Emotional Freedom Technique, Psych-K, MNRI and HeartMath.  I also have a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development from the State University of New York and have spent the last 30 years working with children in various capacities.  As part of my continuing studies, I am an active member of the International Light Association and the Association of Natural Health. 

Wishing you much joy, light and health, 

Margaret Gruesbeck

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